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A) Performance characteristics

The product generally use hot galvanized low carbon steel wire, also can use medium carbon high strength steel wire ( black ), are automatic knitting production square hole ( rolled -network ). Because longitude and latitude intersection using spring winding type locking, Margin-Line by encircling type tightening, does not destroy the surface of steel wire galvanized layer, while the intersection so that the net more firmly after reinforcement. The product has the advantages of novel structure, strong closer, flat surface, uniform meshes, strong integrity, toughness, not merge, anti-skid, compressive, weatherproof, service life for decades, even if local cutting, partial pressure does not easy looseness phenomenon, its performance is better than welding, woven wire mesh, is the general steel wire can not be compared and the substitution of a new generation of products.

B) Product specifications

Wire diameter: Φ2.0~2.6mm

Sideline: Φ3.1~3.2mm

Reticulation:2"×4"(50.8×101.6mm)       4"×4"(101.6×101.6mm)

net width: 4"~6"(1220~1828.8mm)

net long: 50"~100"(15.24~30.48m)

Latitude and longitude wire tensile strength: 1200~1600MPa Binding wire tensile strength: 400 ~ 500MPa

Lashing point of pressure: 1300 ~ 1500N

C) Product use

Cattle-horse Network is a kind of net widely used in Europe and the United States , to protect ecological balance , to prevent landslides, livestock fence, highway, railway and other protective net. If the high wire, it can also be used for road, bridge, concrete, prefabricated plate and other infrastructure. It is a lightweight high strength reinforced bar mesh substitute product.

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