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Recently, led by the Shougang Technology Research Institute and the Qinhuangdao Shouqin metal material Co. Ltd., University of Science and Technology Beijing, Chinese water conservancy and hydropower seventh Engineering Bureau Co., Tianjin Bridge Welding Materials Group Co. Ltd. and other units jointly participate with high strength and easy welding thick plate welding welding material supporting technology development and application through the identification of China Metals Society of large hydropower station to complete the scientific research achievements results the overall project technology reached the international advanced level, the high head and large power plant steel manufacturing and supporting integrated welding technology has reached the international advanced level.

China's power structure is about 70% of thermal power, with the promotion of environmental protection requirements, the development of clean energy has risen to national strategy, and water power generation accounts for more than 60% of China's clean energy, is the most important clean energy. To improve the efficiency of power generation of hydropower station, hydropower station design at home and abroad head and the installed capacity increases, as the pressure pipe station hydropower aorta, the steel used to thick, high strength and high toughness, easy welding direction. For a long time, China's 120-150 mm thick plate and 800MPa fork tube welding materials rely on imports, and the problems of high preheating temperature, welding window is narrow, it is difficult to meet the requirements of field welding and complex service environment, seriously limits the upgrading of large-scale power plant.

Shougang took the lead from China's hydropower industry needs, combined with Chinese electric power construction, China can build two hydropower construction group, after 8 years of research, to achieve a breakthrough low preheating, low hardenability, high heat input, to low strain aging sensitivity and other conditions of low alloy addition, easy welding of 600800MPa high strength thick hydropower steel design and manufacture difficulties; using original quenched and tempered technology, realize the heart of bainite and refinement; breakthrough low compression ratio continuous casting production center performance of 150 mm thick plate for branch technical bottlenecks, get rid of the long-term dependence on imports; integration of weld metal fine structure and low control technology the high mobility of hydrogen electrode design, for the first time to adapt to the development of 50kJ/cm large line energy welding set of class 800MPa ultra low hydrogen welding materials at home and abroad to fill the gaps in the industry. In the settlement of the base of a series of high strength thick steel hydropower manufacture and application of the technology bottleneck, first proposed to meet the high head and large hydropower station construction service pressure piping, easy welding of high strength steel plate, welding materials, welding power integration technology solutions.

Through the joint efforts of several generations of technical personnel, Shougang 600-800MPa high strength products for the first time from the hydropower application of Guandi Hydropower Station, Malaysia power plant full implementation of Muruo single supply Hydropower Station, and then to Laos XPXN power plant to provide users with products and welding integrated solutions, Shougang electric water products has experienced from scratch, from weak to strong development process at present, Bella has been applied to the tower of Pakistan power plant and Ethiopia power plant, Xianju power plant Djibouti III and many other domestic and foreign large hydropower station. As of 2016, a total of more than 2000 yuan to create economic benefits of Shougang, and authorized more than 10 core technology patents. The implementation of the project, not only provides a strong support for the upgrading of the hydropower industry in China, but also improve the China hydropower in The Belt and Road along the country's influence is of great significance to promote China's output advantage manufacturing capacity.

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